Gluten free bread vs. Sourdough method for digestibility

Diskusija o indirektni metodi peke in pečenih dobrotah.

Žar navdušenec
Žar navdušenec
19 Maj 2018, 06:37
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So then I come to the question of whether it is worth the trial and error of developing more gluten-free bread recipes (I have concocted several of my own originals), or whether I should shift focus to more sourdough versions, artisan slow-rise breads? I am aware that though gluten-free flour combinations are geared to avoid gluten, these combinations often use other types of flour used that can be equally difficult to digest for various reasons. For example, bean flours are very common as are sorghum flours, both of which can be a bit tough on the gut even in folks with no noted digestive problems. So avoiding gluten comes with a tradeoff that must be considered.

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