US gas grills in the UK?

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Žar navdušenec
07 Maj 2018, 05:46
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Okay, so I brought my gas grill over with me to the UK because folks told me there wouldn't be a problem using it over here. They lied, but I can live with that. The problem appears to be that the stock regulators in the UK put out a different pressure than the built-in regulators on the US Webers.
Well, I can live with that, but I did get a brass adapter that fits between the regulator on my grill and an old-style UK propane bottle (the kind with the valve and no regulator). I hooked everything up, tested for leaks (none) and fired up the grill for about 20 sec to see if it worked, which it appeared to (normal-looking flames, etc).
However, since I have an aversion to blowing myself up, anyone know any reason why this wouldn't work or would be a bad idea? I figure it's getting the right pressure and propane is propane (at least the bottle is proudly marked "PROPANE" in big friendly letters) and it's not spewing gas, but you never know when you've forgotten something...
(and yes, I know grilling purists say that charcoal is better than gas, which is why I also used to have a giant woodburning smoker, too, but for convenience you can't beat gas)

Any help will be apprecited.

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